Material You introduced to the world the idea of an Adaptive OS, which enabled people to bring more of their personality and identity onto Google experiences through colors. This approach moved the Material Design language forward into a captivating new chapter, and with it, generating a ton of customer love.
It is natural for humans to draw a connection between color and emotion, and therefore an intuitive first step when exploring how the Google brand may speak to the hearts and minds of more people around the world.
Until now the Material Design language has always been visualized in ways that appear two-dimensional. I collaborated with Nando Costa and the Google Design team to explore other aesthetics for Material and how it may influence the Google brand and vice-versa.
We investigated the visual expression of Material up and down its stack, from a single component, all the way to how an app may appear with the bezel of a device, to how the signature G in the Google brand may take on some of its characteristics.
Music & sound by Zelig.
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