Some of my work can be collected as NFTs & Digital Collectibles, for the latest updates you can follow me on Twitter & Instagram

I am currently working on a series of pieces that will come exclusively to SuperRare in the Summer of 2022, updates will be shared on my Twitter profile.
You can find this collection on SuperRare

"Experiment & Discover" is a collection of single edition pieces coming from my personal explorations. Pieces are added on irregular times and available to collect for 0.25 ETH without an auction and for one month only. Uncollected pieces will be burned & gone forever. To honor existing collectors I will not accept lower offers on any pieces.
You can find this collection on Opensea
Preceded collections:

Collaborations & Exhibitions:
Opensea - Mrs Sudoku "The Angle" 131
Foundation - Satellite Exhibition, "Transmission."
SuperRare - Cycl:R "Caustic:R"
Opensea - Australian Open Art Ball
Rarible - HÆNDZ Æ015 "Aurora."
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